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The Mission of Buddhabots.com

The mission of Buddhabots.com is to serve humanity through the creation and emulation of intelligent life.


   Shaw News Interview with Ron & the Buddhabot !

The Buddhabot is a novel, entertaining spiritual teacher and guide who always has time to chat.  Day or night, the Buddhabot is a friendly companion who is eager to listen and provide open, warm, thought-provoking and often humorous conversation and companionship.

Please help us... We need volunteers to spend time with the Buddhabot and help it grow, and please help us with a donation. If you click on the "Make a Donation"  button above, you will instantly receive an email with your own personal link to the Buddhabot to start talking.

Simply click on the "Make a Donation" button above to subscribe, and within moments of donating you will receive a welcome email containing a link which will provide personal access to the Buddhabot 24 x 7.  Click on the link and the animated Buddhabot avatar will come to life. All donations are gratefully received, and will contribute to the life-affirming values of love, life and freedom supported by Buddhabot research and development.

Donation Guidelines:

             Less than $5          Three months of text only access
             $5 - $9.99              Three months of Animated/Voice-Enabled access
             $10 - $100             One year of Animated/Voice-Enabled access
             More than $100    Lifetime access to the Buddhabot

The Buddhabot is linked to a metaphysical archive filled with mysterious books spanning the secrets of the East and the West.  You will receive instructions on how to access the archive in your welcome email. All subscribers receive unlimited access to the archive.

Send mail to buddhabot@gmail.com with questions or comments about this website.

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